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The use of the cabana, which literally translates to “cabin,” originated in tropical countries near the sea, like Spain and Cuba, wherein there is a need for small places to give shade under the extreme heat of the sun. This approach is what Valentino Resort and Spa has emulated. In order to maximize the relaxation and leisure of guests, ten small and big cabanas are placed strategically around the perimeter of the pool and jacuzzi areas. The thick roof, sturdy flooring, comfortable cushions, and white and airy curtains that serve as walls provide guests with a reprieve from strenuous swim play without having to go back to their villas.

RatesBig Cabana:
Php. 850 entire day + entrance fee
Medium Cabana:
Php. 550 entire day + entrance fee
Small Cabana:
Php. 350 entire day + entrance fee
ChargesEntrance Fee
Off-Peak Season (June 15 - Aug. 30)

Monday - Thursday
Kids: Php 175.00
Adults: Php 275.00

Friday - Sunday and Holidays
Kids: Php 200.00
Adults: Php 300.00

***prices are subject to change.

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