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The Contemporary, Italian and Modern villas are composed of one bedroom, a small but comfortable living room, and a dining area for four while Mediterranean and Filipiniana are composed of two bed rooms,  a small but comfortable living room and a dining area for four. All villas also include a balcony that provides guests with a scenic and calming view of the clear swimming pools and lush gardens. Each of the five villas in Valentino Resort and Spa is designed with a specific theme—themes that are geared to exemplify in their own distinct ways the perfect combination of the concepts of contemporary and classic designs to show that people and modern technology can work together to complement the timeless beauty of Mother Nature.


The Filipiniana Villa was built to showcase the architectural and interior design styles from the Philippine heritage, which is tinged with a mixture of Spanish, American and Japanese influences. Furnished with intricately carved wooden pieces, its native style is combined with modern home fixtures. Experience the Filipino culture by staying in this villa and surrounding yourself with native furniture made from indigenous materials.


The Mediterranean Villa is perfectly designed to make guests feel like they are in the European countries (Spain, Italy and the south of France) that popularized this design style. Through the ideal combination of rough textures, wood accented furniture, and vibrantly earthy colors like orange, yellow and purple reminiscent of authentic Mediterranean style, guests can lounge in comfort and relax in a classy yet colorful environment.


Italians are known worldwide for their meticulous eye for superior design—be it in fashion or interior decorating. Couple this with the Italians’ priority of creating a warm and comfortable home and the product is a cozy yet classy abode. This concept is what Valentino Resort and Spa has applied for the Italian Villa so guests can feel the comforts of home and experience elegant living at the same time.


The modern style of interior design employs minimalist concepts with simple yet elegant contemporary pieces of furniture. Using neutral colors and clean lines, an uncluttered space, and sophisticated furnishings, the modern villa exhibits an avant-garde design style that aims to provide a fresh and invigorating ambience. Perfect for
the modern family and couple, this villa provides guests with ultimate comfort and relaxation through its ultra modern motif.


The Contemporary Villa was conceptualized to capture modern living combined with elegant touches of interior decorating and architecture. Furnished to accommodate the taste of the modern family or couple, this villa is designed to achieve the contemporary look that exudes freshness and subtle sophistication through uncluttered space, simple lines and texture, and neutral colors. This modern style is also exhibited in various rooms in other locations within the resort.

RatesPeak Season (September 1 - June 14)
Php. 4,650.00 per night good for four (4)persons
Php 6, 650.00 per night good for six (6) persons
IncludesContemporary villa is good for four (4) guests
Free breakfast for four (4) guests

Italian villa is good for four (4) guests
Free breakfast for four (4) guests

Modern villa is good for four (4) guests
Free breakfast for four (4) guests

Filipiniana villa is good for Six (6) guests
Free breakfast for six (6) guests

Mediteranean villa is good for Six (6) guests
Free breakfast for six (6) guests
ChargesExcess for villas good for Four (4) is Php. 600 , maximum of eight (8) guests
Excess for villas good for Six (6) is Php. 600 , maximum of twelve (12) guests

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